About Mateusz Drozd

My Journey:

From London to the Forefront of AI

Welcome to my world where AI meets creativity. I'm Mateusz Drozd, an AI/Data professional with a decade of experience, merging the analytical with the artistic to innovate in marketing, data, and AI.

Early Influences:
My passion for AI and data analytics was ignited in London's vibrant, multicultural environment. This exposure cultivated my open-mindedness and adaptability, key traits I apply in my work.

Interdisciplinary Approach:
With a foundation in both arts and sciences, I approach complex problems uniquely. My background in photography enriches my understanding of digital processing, leading to innovative art installations that blend science and art.

Professional Achievements:
As a data scientist and analyst, I excel in Python, Tableau, and Excel, transforming large datasets into meaningful insights. My work in data visualization has empowered companies to make informed decisions.

Pioneering in AI:
I authored the first book written using GPT-3 and illustrated with DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, showcasing the potential of AI in creative fields. My free guides on GPT-3/4 are testaments to my belief in democratizing AI access.

My Values:
I pride myself on a helpful, understandable approach to AI and data. Collaboration and continuous learning are at the heart of my work ethic. I'm committed to staying abreast of AI and data analytics advancements, offering cutting-edge solutions to my clients.

Beyond Work:
When I'm not immersed in AI, I explore the worlds of art and gastronomy. These passions enhance my creativity and problem-solving skills, reflecting in my professional endeavors.

Connect with Me:
Interested in AI, data analytics, or just want to chat about the intersection of art and technology? Reach out! I'm always open to discussing new ideas and collaborations.


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